I live and work in Brooklyn, NY with my wife and our two children. I began painting when I was seven years old taking group lessons from a woman who lived in my neighborhood. We painted mountainscapes and still lifes mostly of flowers. I also took to drawing, usually copying pictures from magazines or characters that I would make up. Hanging framed in my house today is a still life of flowers I did when I was eight which remains one my favorite paintings I have ever done.

When asked what kind of painting I do, I respond "Abstraction:linear and colorful". And figurative paintings based on narratives that I create. The latter is in reference to the Baron paintings. These are inspired by and in dedication to a real person and his obituary from March 2000. Through the years the Baron has become my sort of alter-ego and has mirrored my life as it changes and continues to grow and amuse me.

Please email me for any further information or questions.
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